Pyrolock's application

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Pyrolock's application

Postby Guest » Sun Sep 02, 2007 12:25 am


Email is:

Age: 25, ill be 26 on the 18th of this month

Everett is my location

im lvl 70

im 375 Alchemist / 374 Enchanter / 360 cook

im attuned for BwL and Kara and MC only atm i havent soloed my ony attunment yet

I got the keys for tempest keep and CoT im workin on the rest only 2500 rep off the rest of t he heroic keys

i prefer not to respec im speced to gank rogues and massive damage

Viidy told me about the guild

i work from 4:45am - 4pm server time so if its not within that time i shouldnt have a problem

i have vent but its not workin right

I have been on every blizzard game since warcraft 1- warcraft 2 - warcraft 3 - starcraft- starcraft brood wars- diablo 2- diablo 2 lod i was {THC}Chrono // {THC}Kronos on those games was on em for about 6 years running my own guild

i know tanoku from way back when :D

neither on the pie or cake :P

Postby Jedem » Sun Sep 02, 2007 12:31 am

Application accepted, welcome aboard!
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