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Postby Logista » Sat Aug 05, 2006 1:19 am



Current Level: 40

Current Spec: Shadow 30

Are you Attuned for Molten Core: no
Are you Attuned for BWL: no
Are you Attuned for Onyxia: no

What experience do you have in all raid instances currently available: none at all, but am looking foward to doing high lvl instances with people who love to do them as well.

Are you willing to respec to certain trees (Healers and Tanks Mainly) for the good of the guild progress for end game content: The main reason im in shadow is because its hard to lvl as a preist because your alway getting murdered lol. So while im lvling i decided that being shadow would be good but if i need to respec thats okay because we all want to go through the good stuff and get the good stuff lol.

Have you read the About Us section of this website? No

How did you hear about us? Someone was spaming on the lfg channel and they gave me this site

Can you attend our scheduled Guild Events (Currently scheduled on Saturdays at 6 server time)? Yeah except for rare ocassions.

Do you currently use, or are you willing/able to download and use, Ventrilo voice chat software and the CTRaid Mod/Addon? I already have it and am familiar with the interface.

RPG/MMORPG history/experience (as in, is this your first one? If not, what others have you played?) Well starcraft, diablo, fable, and of course wow

Previous Guilds: Desolation Row, The Rangers

Why did you Leave that guild: DR because the gm wanted to move on for gear and the rangers because no one does anything.

Any current members in Avengers of Azeroth that might know you and recommend you?: Not that i can think of.

Your personal reason for wanting to join AoA - as in, tell us WHY you think AoA might be the guild for you. I want a guild that puts actions with there words and if they dont then im gone because i need to get things done and thats all ther is to it.

Well if you want to check me out sometime and well see what im made of lol mostly water though lol!
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Postby Jedem » Sat Aug 05, 2006 10:16 pm

App approved and invite sent, welcome aboard!
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