Bringemdown Lvl 70 Hunter

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Bringemdown Lvl 70 Hunter

Postby Bringem » Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:33 pm

Your main character's name (or names if you have several):
Link to your armory:

Email we can contact you at:
Your name:
Your age:
Your location:
Current Level:
If you do not meet our current minimum level requirement of 50 then guild groups and help may be hard to come by, please explain why you do not think this will be an issue for you.

Skin LW
Current Spec: (Refers to all class's)
Are you Attuned for Molten Core: ?yes
Are you Attuned for BWL: ?no
Are you Attuned for Onyxia: ?no
Are you Attuned for Karazhan: ?yes

Any heroic keys?
Tempest Keep, Caverns of Time, Most of rest are very close
What experience do you have in all raid instances currently available: ?
I have been through Kara many times, only bosses not done are Netherspite, and Nightbane

Are you willing to respec to certain trees (Healers and Tanks Mainly) for the good of the guild progress for end game content: ?
We currently have minimum raiding stats that people have to meet before they are able to raid with us. Do you currently meet these minimums and if not do you understand that you will have to work on meeting them to raid?
Im not sure what they are but i have 2000 ap with hawk and trushot and 20.9 crit
Have you read the About Us section of this website? (Yes/No)
How did you hear about us? Who referred you to this site? (inlcude in this answer any AoA members you may be friendly with)
Can you attend our scheduled Guild Events (Currently scheduled on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5 server time)?
Saturdays yes, Wednesdays no
Do you currently use, or are you willing/able to download and use, Ventrilo voice chat software and the CTRaid Mod/Addon?
yes of course
RPG/MMORPG history/experience (as in, is this your first one? If not, what others have you played?)
pretty much first
Previous Guilds: ?Immortal
Why did you leave that guild: ?
Were not raiding kara anymore, moved to SSC and TK, i had been gone for a couple of months because i was not able to play WoW
Any current members in Avengers of Azeroth that might know you and recommend you? Priestess
Cheesepie or cheesecake?(Very important question that you must answer!)
Have you heard of the wonder that is Gary? If not then are you willing to learn?
yes lol
We require all applicants to run an instance with us so that we may gauge if you would fit in well with us, please post a good time that you are free to run something with us: Tue, Fri, Sat, 3-5 server

Your personal reason for wanting to join AoA - as in, tell us WHY you think AoA might be the guild for you. The more specific (and less generic) your answer is, the better! Ive heard of you guys before and you sound like a good bunch of people to raid with. I love raiding and am very excited to see how you guys do things

Any other personal information you think might be helpful:
Kara Rules!!!

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