60 hunter

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60 hunter

Postby wolfwalker » Tue Apr 03, 2007 6:22 pm

Main Characters Name: Wolfwalker 60 hunter
Alts: none but have a son that plays his paladin here and there
Age: 35
Current Level: 60
Professions: Mining 325 engineering 317
Spec: Marksmanship

Are you Attuned for Molten Core: No
Are you Attuned for BWL: No
Are you Attuned for Onyxia: No
Are you Attuned for Karazhan: No

Any heroic keys? No

What experience do you have in all raid instances currently available: None at the moment i know my class i played everquest for 5 years then switched to WoW and played a class(Hunter) similar to my eq class (ranger) and i know alot about raiding.

Are you willing to respec to certain trees (Healers and Tanks Mainly) for the good of the guild progress for end game content: Yes i am willing to do it for the good of the guild and progress.

Have you read the About Us section of this website? Yes

How did you hear about us? Who referred you to this site? Actually my son was takin through VC at 20 by a 52 paladin from AoA. I got on asked the paladin about the guild and AoA seems like a great guild that id love to start becoming a true hunter in. I will be 70 pretty soon so lvl isnt a worry.

Can you attend our scheduled Guild Events: I work from 8-5pm or 6 pmish PST so yes i more then likely can attend most guild events. I am off on weekends and sometimes weekdays so ill make most the raids.

Do you currently use, or are you willing/able to download and use, Ventrilo voice chat software and the CTRaid Mod/Addon? Yes i will do.

RPG/MMORPG history/experience (as in, is this your first one? If not, what others have you played?) Ultima Online then EQ for 5 years and now WoW.

Previous Guilds: Oracles of Prophecies
Why did you Leave that guild: Doesnt suit my needs raidwise or lvl wise i need people to group and have fun with.

Cheesepie or cheesecake?Cheesepake (mixture of cheesecake and cheesepie :) )

Have you heard of the wonder that is Gary? If not then are you willing to learn? nope i havnt and yes im willing to learn of course.

Your personal reason for wanting to join AoA: Well because i think they are a really good raiding guild and could best suit my needs for grouping and raiding :)

Postby Szabina » Mon Apr 09, 2007 7:34 pm

Approved and Welcome to the guild!! :o
Szabina the mighty, mighty huntress!
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