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Postby 80 night elf hunter » Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:27 pm

My name is John, im 17. I live in the western states. I have read the About Us section for AoA website and i agree with the rules of the guild. I have very little experience with rpg/mmorpg.. im not going to lie,
I've been playing WoW for about 6 months, but both my cousins show me how to play and are both active players on Ursin, both have 80s.

My main Character is Kyntridor. lvl 80 night elf hunter. He has no professions at the moment.
My alt that i play most is Kieg. lvl 34 warrior, i have other alts i plan on lvling up.

Im pretty new to all the raids and upper lvl instances. But im willing to learn some things.

I've seen the guild everywhere, in Stormwind, Dalaran etc. One of your members told me to apply.
Cheesecake definaly. :)
Im not sure haha
80 night elf hunter

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