Post here if you wish to apply to join Avengers of Azeroth

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Postby steel » Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:02 pm

My name is Jimmy, I'm 17, and i live in northern Colorado
yes i have read the about us forum and its sounds like my kinda guild :~)
yes i agree with the guild guidelines
I've been playing wow for almost 2 years now and I've had experience with bc raids up to SSC and I've been in some ulduar 25man guilds on my alts
I would say the teamwork that wow has is amazing most people don't even realize how much this game revolves around it.

Death knight
Black smith(low lvl) Mining(low lvl)
I'm level 80 and im am a duel wielding frost dps spec. In my opinion it does the best dps for single target mobs so i can down the bosses faster. I am working for tank gear at the moment but im am willing to go the spec that the guild needs me

I have a mage alt(80) i play on this realm. He's a horde though so not much good for anything lol. ... &n=Drockio

I have done a few black temples but that was when wotlk was about to come out so they nerfed it all but other than that not too much end game things
I believe i can meet any stats you throw at me
i stay online anywhere from 4-11pm server time
i have plenty of space left in my addons folder so ill just load them in there lol

My friend Soldris refered me to this guild. ive been in a lot of horde guilds (Grey emenince, unguilded, evil angels) most of them just fell apart.
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Re: application

Postby assindar » Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:21 pm

hey pst me in game and we can talk...

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