72 Ohsiccs Application

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72 Ohsiccs Application

Postby randohsix » Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:16 pm

My name is randy, im 21, im in iraq right now but in the next few days i'll be redeploying back to north carolina where im stationed at fort bragg but im originally from northern california(bay area). I ran into Amp in stormwind and your tabbard and more serious style guild name appealed to me, and after reading the about the recruiting section of the forum this guild is exactly what i want to be a part of. rules are simple and understood. I've played quite a few rpgs out there and have always been a fan since i was a kid.. as far as mmo's go ive played dark age of camelot, dabbled with eve and hated it, umm... guild wars if that counts. probably my all time favorite rpg game is diablo 2 lod. i still hop on that game now and then fricken 8 years later...

I've been in baghdad the last year and we managed to get a contractor hook up internet in our rooms so i decided to start playing a low bandwidth-usage game so i got guild wars... then that got lame and my section sergeant's been preaching about this game so i decided to give it another go... and its been 3 months of semicontinuous playing, i took a hit when optempo picked up inseptember but ill be home soon and my schedule will straighten out. so anyway im level 72, should be 80 very soon and im really interested in the endgame experience in wow.

72 Ohsiccs, my main character, is currently a retribution paladin but im down with adjusting my paladin's specs and equipment to suit the guild's needs. i just researched the character before making it and concluded ret would make getting to level 80 as quick as possible. my professions are armor blacksmithing and mining, blacksmithing is rather low because im waiting until i reach 80 to maximize my productivity. i currently dont have any serious alts, i made a deathknight but im really trying to get my main to level 80 before getting distracted by anything else. his name is gnarlymidge though.

i dont have any endgame experience whatsoever, but i make good use of forums and wow knowledge databases to gain knowledge on anything i dont know. as of right now i know im not of level or gear strength to participate in raids so i see it as irrelevant, but hopefully soon with some guild guidance ill be working my ret pally into a tank or healer.

I am fully capable of downloading all the addons and ventrillo, ive saved up like 30k of the last year and plan on building a gaming rig complete with g35 headset and g18 keyboard with all the extra macro keys. i originially heard of this guild thru a couple of the various guild rating sites, the name intially appealed to me because it wasnt something dumb like the 'Scooby Doo Croo'... but otherwise whenever i get a game i like to be able to say ive beaten it and reaching the endgame experience is as close as i can get to that so i see this as the ideal guild forme to join. anyway, it was Amp who appointed me to the recruitment-application process and told me the website url.

i recently got invited to join "mischief makers: but havent really seen the level of seriousness to get to endgame experience. so im hoping ill be able to drop them and be a token noob soon...

id say cheesepie simply because if were talkin dessert foods then.. yea i gotta go with cheesepie cause cheesecake is too thick with the cheeese and not enough crust.... but if your not talking about desserts than HA! you got me... 522 licks and im like the grasshopper himself.. cept for more like a jedi..

wow this confirmation code... intense...

Re: 72 Ohsiccs Application

Postby assindar » Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:41 pm

so even though your application isn't in standard form and its more liek a story book then bullet points lol... i like it lawl.... message me in game again.. and we can talk more..

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