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Postby Kinaadek » Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:39 am

See if I can apply the right way here.
Jonathan Hammon, Age 38. Northern Arizona...
Rules are made to be brocken....JUST KIDDING...yes
I played everquest for 7 years. PLayed D and D for years.
Been playing WOW for 5 years. I enjoy developing chars and solving puzzles. Every Boss mob is just a puzzle to solve.

Priest - Shadow DIsc
Herb - Alchemy
Level 80

Candrae 58 pally

Did a lot of original game stuff / Molent Core. AQ Old world dragons/ Did some 10 man in BC but not a lot of guild stuff. DOne all the WOLK heroic things, uldar, nax, and have killed up to Putrice in LK>


Have all those but the healbot already

Did a 10 man icc couiple weeks ago, was a lot of fun. Halina and the group if folks was a lot of fun.

Havnt been in a guild for awile...left last one a long time ago when it disbanded.

Cheescake..Strawberry topping...

Whats sweep the leg? But yes as long as its not something sexual eiik.....DOnt know on the tootsie pop. I m a diabiatic so suger is not my friend.

Re: Application

Postby Jedem » Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:58 pm

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