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Postby Heave » Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:16 pm

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Heave, lvl 80 Shaman of Ursin. I started him as an enhancement (melee dps) but have been almost exclusively playing as healer for the last few months. I (Matt) have played this character for years, tallying up over 2 months of play time. I have a decently open schedule to raid, and I live in Texas (central time).

Section 2
Heave is an enchanter/miner, and is fully proficient in all minor skills.

Section 3
My only lvl 80 alt is Gilgasmash, a human prot warrior. I just began to dps a little with the arms tree, but mostly tank.

Section 4
Heave has done a few raids but not as much as I'd like. Just yesterday (10-31-10) I solo heaed a ten man going after Razerclaw. It was quite easy because of the hike up in dps, but I feel confidant to enter some tougher instances and put my healing to a real test.
I do have vent, and curse client with about half a dozen add-ons right now; including decursive and healbot.

Section 5
I'm a capricorn and I detest long walks on the beach....

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Postby Jedem » Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:31 pm

Catch me in game on Jedem and we can talk more.
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