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Rogue App

Postby Adearna » Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:01 am

I'm 19 and have been playing wow since the good old vanilla days
My main is an 85 rogue but i also have a few high lvl alts (80 druid,dk,65hunt)
When it comes to raid exp ive been raiding since vanilla i find it to be one of the more enjoyable aspects to the game given that you find the right group of ppl to raid with.
I raided ony BWL MC ZG and AQ in vanilla, got to lady vashj in BC and quit the game after raiding through about 3/4 of ulduar (due to a guild disbanding)

I was the rogue classleader in most guilds i was a member of or worked my way up to an officer like standing. Im a very active player looking for an active guild thats really it. Ill link the armoury to my rogue my alts gear doesnt really matter (considering a 81 green can replace t9 lvl gear) ... rna/simple

If you feel i could be a useful addition to your membership i am more than willing to join you. I just recently returned to the game and anxiously await the cataclysm of raids to come.

Re: Rogue App

Postby assindar » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:11 am

Hey there.. pst me in game and we can talk...

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