Guild Rules - Read before applying.

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Guild Rules - Read before applying.

Postby Jedem » Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:35 am

General Guild Rules

1. If you sign up for a raid and consistently show up late/unprepared, you may lose your raid spot to a reliable/prepared person who signed up after you. Punctuality and preparation are vital to the guilds' success.

2. When you are invited into the guild you have a 30 day probationary period. Your compatibility with the guild will then be evaluated and a decision will be made to allow you to remain in the guild or look elsewhere.

3. The guild is all about teamwork and all members are expected to show this whether grouped with guild mates or pugs. This includes not leaving as soon as you are done with a quest when others are not, passing on loot that is a minor upgrade for you but a major upgrade for a guildee, playing your role in the group well.

4. If you apply to another guild, you are not allowed to raid with our guild and you run the risk of being removed from the guild on all characters. If you are unhappy with your role in the guild then talk to an officer about it before deciding to leave.

5. Should you leave the guild on a character without directly speaking with an officer, your remaining characters may be removed from the guild. If you leave AoA on good terms (i.e. notification as discussed above and you are not generally a tard) then you MAY be issued a reinvite. If you again leave AoA, you will likely not receive a third invite back.

6. Help is always encouraged but never demanded. You can always ask for help from guild mates with quests/instance/etc, but at the same time you must also respect their decision to decline. This means that you do not spam guild chat repeatedly for help when it is clear you are not going to get help at the current time.

7. Be respectful of the spec of others. Not everyone has to spec like you. If you would like to offer suggestions, be tactful in your approach. Repeatedly complaining about others spec in guild chat will get you silenced or worse.

8. It is the responsibility of every guild member to be repaired and ready for raids. This includes all reagents, consumables, ammunition, etc. Failure to be prepared on a consistent basis may lead to replacement or a negative modifier being applied to their loot rolls.

9. Poaching guild mates is prohibited. You may choose to leave the guild for whatever reason. If you do so in a civil manner (see #5 above) the door to AoA will be open for return. However, if we find out you are soliciting AOA members to go with you to another guild we will put you on the do not invite list.

10. Randomly going AFK in a raid will not be tolerated, afkers may be replaced with someone who is available, attentive, and prepared.

11. Talking about rape along with other hateful language is not allowed. If someone does this, they will be warned and if it happens again they can expect to be kicked.

Loot Rules in Raid Instances

1. Tier Gear: You may roll on tier gear regardless of whether you already have the item (i.e. If I have the tier 4 healing gloves I may still roll on the token for shadow) We strongly encourage members who already have their tier gear to pass for members who are rolling for main spec.

2. BoP epics will be rolled on as follow: (1) main specs (your main spec is the spec you came to the raid with or the job you are performing in the raid) (2) off-specs.

3. BoE non-boss drop epics: Main specs that can use it can roll, if no one in the raid can use it for main spec an offspec roll may be done. If an offspec roll is not called for, then the BoE epic will be placed in our guild bank.

4. BoE Rare(blue) items will be random rolled out to raid members.

5. We reserve the right to withhold the distribution of loot (in spite of what is rolled) when individuals do not conduct themselves in a team manner while in the raid (i.e. excessive and arbitrary pulling, randomly going AFK without notifying a raid leader or assistant, etc). This is in the sole discretion of the raid leader and assistants and decisions will rarely be reviewed.

Membership in the guild is contingent upon adherence to these rules. Guild rules may change at any time without notice. Jedem is the leader of the guild and may amend or suspend any guild rule at any time.
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