Application Andrayel 85 hunter

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Application Andrayel 85 hunter

Postby Andrayel » Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:00 pm

Section 1: Tell Us about you:
I'm Liz the super awesome ginger, I hear you like those in your guild

Section 2: Your Main Character:
Main character name and link to your Warcraft Armory information:
Andrayel, level 85 hunter, leatherworker/skinner

Please list your current spec and explain why it is your preference:
Marksmanship-higher dps

Are you willing to respec to certain trees (Healers and Tanks mainly) for the good of the guild progress for end game content?

Section 3: Your Alts**:
What alts do you regularly play (name/ class/ level)?
None on Ursin

Section 4: Raids and Upper Level Instances:
What experience do you have in endgame (please list both previous and current) content?
I've done it all since vanilla WoW...yea I need a new hobby

___Healbot/Grid & Clique/Vuhdo/Any healing addon (Classes capable of healing only)
___Deadly boss Mods
___Ventrillo (mic is not necessary but definitely appreciated)
got it, got it, got it.

Section 5: Additional Information:
How did you hear about us? Who referred you to this site? (include in this answer any AoA members that might know and recommend you)

There's this guy named Izak forcing me to do this, I heard he's a harsh and cruel tyrant. Hence why we get along famously.

Please list all previous guilds you have have been in and your reason for leaving:
Victory Lap-no activity. Currently an officer in Reformed on Shadowsong

Maylay, Me-lee, or Meh-lay?
My Lady what?

If accepted do you promise to sweep the leg?
Absolutely not

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

Which Beatle would you say is your favorite?
Is this really a question? They're all my favorite. Strawberry Fields Forever Bitches!!

Any other personal information you think might be helpful:
I like to leave 'em guessing, so nope that's it!

End of Application

Re: Application Andrayel 85 hunter

Postby Jedem » Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:04 pm

What can I say...I'm a ginger magnet. allnighte
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