Antochren - Application TOR

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Antochren - Application TOR

Postby Antochren » Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:43 pm

Section 1: Tell us about you:
Ian, 26, Florida
Played WoW for years, started when it came out stopped playing about 1.5 years ago. SWTOR all the way.

Section 2: Your Main Character:
Inquisitor (Sorcerer) (Always been fascinated with force lightning.)
Artifice and Archeology (will learn more soon)

Are you willing to respec to certain trees (Healers and Tanks mainly) for the good of the guild progress for end game content?

I am willing to respec. Right now I am spec under the lightning tree.

Section 3: Your Alts
What alts do you regularly play (name/ class/ level)?
I do not have any yet, I will probably play a Bounty Hunter as my alt.

Section 4: Section 4: Raids and Upper Level Instances:
I can show up for guild events in SWTOR with no problems.

Section 5: Additional Information:
Chris Johnson referred this guild and website to me.

Maylay, Me-lee, or Meh-lay? Maylay

If accepted do you promise to sweep the leg? I promise

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? For me, none, I do not like tootsie roll pops.

Which Beatle would you say is your favorite? George

Any other personal information you think might be helpful:
I have always been a huge fan of Star Wars, I played both Knights of the Old Republic games and have been waiting for this game to come out since they annouced it.

Re: Antochren - Application TOR

Postby Jedem » Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:09 pm

Whisper me ingame and we can talk. I'll be on either Jedem or Viidy.
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