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Postby ThePinkPally » Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:49 pm

Section 1: Tell Us about you:
Your first name, age, and general location: Carolyn, mid-30s (do I REALLY have to be specific??), the 'burbs of Houston, TX
Have you read the About Us section of the website? Yes
Do you agree to comply with the rules of the guild? Yes
What experience do you have in rpg/mmorpg? DAoC, NvWNights, WoW... I think that's it.
How long have you been playing WoW and what interests you most about the game? On & off since Vanilla (Dec 2005 if I recall correctly). The richness of the world and the story are what captured me.

Section 2: Your Main Character:
Main character name and link to your Warcraft Armory information if a WoW applicant: For Alliance -- Ummm, Caela I guess. She was my main through Wrath & the first part of Cata. I've been hanging out Hordeside with Stormy's crew in <Sane Asylum> for the past five or six months though and haven't played Cae in... way too long. >.> Armory link (though I'm pretty sure I logged her out in RP gear): ... ela/simple
Class: Paladin
Professions: Herbalism/Inscription
Level*: 85
*AoA has a minimum level requirement of 80 for any main character in WoW. Helping individuals level and get initial gear is encouraged but not required in this guild.

Please list your current spec and explain why it is your preference: Prot/Ret I was Ret until a guildie talked me into going Prot about halfway through Wrath and I fell in love with tanking. Given how long it's been since I've played Cae, I can't say that I really have a preference.

Are you willing to respec to certain trees (Healers and Tanks mainly) for the good of the guild progress for end game content? Yes. Well, Tank/DPS is a yes. You don't want me to Heal. I'm a terrible Healer & it terrifies me in all the wrong ways. My hubby (who I'll probably drag with me) is an excellent Healer though. ;-)

Section 3: Your Alts**:
What alts do you regularly play (name/ class/ level)? Lately I've been having fun with Mages (I love Frost even though it doesn't seem to be the popular spec right now). Combat Rogues are an old-school love of mine. I'm not the best Frost DK, but I have fun with it (haven't gotten comfortable with Blood Tanking yet). I'll probably roll a DK on Ursin tonight to hang out in gchat while we get to know each other....
Please also provide an armory link to any level 80 alts if a WoW App: Kamyla is my Ally Rogue: ... yla/simple. Under your level limit, but my other main Alliance alt is Mage Nathalee: ... lee/simple.
** AoA is an alt friendly guild that admits people, not just their cartoon counterparts.

Section 4: Raids and Upper Level Instances:
What experience do you have in endgame (please list both previous and current) content? Raiding experience = none. Unless you count trade-chat runs of old content for RP gear, which I don't! I tanked & dps'd most of the Cata 5mans before I went Horde, but that was early Cata. I've done nothing endgame since the Trollroics came out.
Minimum raiding stats for each class and spec have been established. Do you understand that you will have to meet these minimums prior to attending level capped raids? Yes.
Can you attend our scheduled Guild Events (For WoW typically scheduled on Wednesdays and Sundays at 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time until 8 Pacific Standard Time)? No. Sundays shouldn't be a problem. Wednesdays I'd be late since I don't get home from work until 4:45 - 5 pm Pacific. =(
The following add-ons are required for WoW, please indicate that you are willing to download and use current versions of:

Deadly boss Mods - Don't know how I ever tanked without it! lol

The following is required for both WoW and SWTOR:
Ventrillo (mic is not necessary but definitely appreciated) - Never having raided, hubs & I have never bothered with Vent, but I'm sure we can figure it out. Not sure we have two sets of headsets at the moment; I'll check when I get home. Wireless sets may need to go on the shopping list. We have a bad habit of forgetting we're attached to the computer & trying to walk away. I've lost track of how many headsets we've destroyed. >.>

Section 5: Additional Information:
How did you hear about us? Who referred you to this site? (include in this answer any AoA members that might know and recommend you)
Jed from Twitter referred me. I think I "know" one or two other members from Twitter but any recommendation is probably charity since I don't think I've played with tweeps before.

Please list all previous guilds you have have been in and your reason for leaving: I don't remember the name of the Vanilla RP guild (A) I was in on Argent Dawn, but it fell apart when the two guild leaders left to join a raiding guild. I'm still a member of <Vitae Rising> (A) on Muradin - a guild of real life friends & their WoW friends. I've mentioned <Sane Asylum> (H) on Garrosh run by @JRWStormy from Twitter. I was a member of <League of Lordaeron> (A) on Moon Guard before it was disbanded by the old GM. (There's a new LoL on MG, with a new GM. I still chat with one of the officers from time to time.) Some of the old LoL officers & I formed our own guild <Burning Serenity> after the first LoL disbanded and I ended up taking over as GM (it's a bit of a story). (I have no plans to revive BS.)

Maylay, Me-lee, or Meh-lay? Er... Me-lee...?

If accepted do you promise to sweep the leg? Um... I'm not even going to ask. So I'll just say probably.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? Too many. I'm not an owl. I don't like tootsie rolls or tootsie roll pops. >.>

Which Beatle would you say is your favorite? Definitely the old VWs from the '60s & '70s. ;-)

Any other personal information you think might be helpful: I'm mainly looking for a fun group of people to hang out with Alliance side. I have a bulging disk in my neck and can't log half as often as I'd like, but I'm usually on over the weekend & once during the week. As I mentioned on Twitter, I suck at PvP, but I'd be happy to show up at any guild PvP event to provide a target for the enemy as I run in circles, facerolling random buttons and flailing uselessly. ;-) I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to try raiding, but it doesn't sound like my schedule matches the guild's needs. I'll be happy to help the guild out in any way I can. As we get to know each other, we can figure out which of my three "main" Alliance charas will benefit AoA the most. (I know Nath is below your level limit, but she's only 70 so I can utilize LFD to farm BC Transmog sets and leveling is sooo easy now, it wouldn't take long if she's needed.) Y'all sound like a fun group. I look forward to getting to know the guild!

End of Application
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Re: WoW App

Postby Jedem » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:43 pm

Man all these twitter peoples are totes in love with us. Srs. I suppose I can invite you in...possibly...maybe...probably...or something like that. :mrgreen:
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