I just want to say how sorry I really am to everyone

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I just want to say how sorry I really am to everyone

Postby noliquin » Mon Apr 21, 2008 12:30 am

To whoever was in that run on Saturday in Gruuls with Strangers without Candy, I just want to say I'm sorry for the action of a few of the members that joined us that day.

It seemed that those players that just dropped out, came in with the idea that it wasn't going to take very long (due to the fact I talked yall up soo much in the week!). They were just wanting to only take 45 mins to an hour in there, and felt the time in between pulls were too long. These were only the feelings of those few individuals. Many of us had a blast being able to raid gruuls with such a nice, fun, entertaining group of friends.

I know without a question that both are guilds together could have downed Gruuls that day and it's sad that those events happened the way it did... It wasnt any action that anyone did that made the drop happen more then the warlock that wasted everyone's time. And it had nothing to do with leadership or lack of skill or anything like that. Just a few brothers wanting to finish Kara before it got to late...

I'm not the guild leader, however I was the one that got the "play date" setup and I feel horrible knowing that yall planned to do ZA that day, however I convinced yall to due guild gruuls with us, and that happened... I talked to the guild leader (who is a good real life friend with me) about his and his brother actions. I was not happy with how he had to act like such a child, and screwed over the 22 members that stayed in the raid. I'm sorry, I really am.

I know this made our guild look shitty with a bunch of ass wholes. However, this is mostly untrue. There are still many members that really enjoyed our time raiding with with you. And I ask, if you PUG out Gruuls again, to give those members a chance in, those members like Aere, Bravado, Edelghen, Kithicor, and Believer. Those were the ones that I know never well, the ones that enjoyed the raid, and the fun we had that evening.

Dispite the fact we had a few asswholes leave without saying a word, our guilds did a great job working together, and could have easily done that weekly to get everyone thier T4 that I know everyone wants. Maybe with more communication on my part between the two guilds we could try this again. I know I'm up for it, however I can't blame you for not. I'm always here if you need a tank/healer. I just hope yall can still like to have us around. If not keep it up! yall have what it seems to take to make it to the top! Good luck, and good night AoA. Hope to hear from you soon...
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