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Re: Application

Post by Jedem » Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:08 pm

Hi there, add spenglur, jedem, kyon, or sneakly to your friends list and next time one of us is on we can have a chat!


Post by Kuraiomoide » Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:17 pm

Name : Arima Ootori ( Kura ) Age : 22 Location : California
Yes i have read the about us , Yes i do agree with the rules if the guild
I play a lot of Rpg/Mmorpgs so with my experience i am no noob XD
i just recently got into it because of a friend and i still dont know why im stuck into WoW but for being an old game its doing something right haha unlike other games so i think im trying to find that out . hmm not really into the social media stuff.

Main : Kuraiomoide ( ... ide/simple)
Class : Shadow
Pros : Engineering and Mining
Lvl : 90 ( Paid rush because i work alot )

So far ive been doing a raids non stop ive only been a noob 90 for about 2 weeks now i think and i got some of them down , just the ones that need the il496 i haven't had much practice with , working on that as we speak , i dont have any alts because i wanna work on learning my class before i try others.i found you guys on the look for guild list , ive been looking for a guild like this , the other guilds wasnt social at all and i mean yea you guys are lvling or just afking but man at hi or something would be nice . i think i was only in two guilds Happy Campers and Common Curiosity inc and both were the same. Maylay , Sweep what 0/.o ? , never tried i always bite XD , dont like them much