Wayward Paladin

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Wayward Paladin

Postby Yair » Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:35 pm

Section 1: Tell Us about you:

Your first name, age and general location:
- Philip, 22, Canada,eh?

Have you read the About Us section of the website?
- Yup

Do you agree to comply with the rules of the guild?
- Yup

What experience do you have in rpg/mmorpg?
- Played EQ for a year, that was fun, despite what some say *shifty eyes*
- Dabbled in: City of Heroes/Villians, FFXI & Lineage 2

How long have you been playing WoW and what interests you most about the game?
- Been playing WoW on/off for 3-4yrs
- Seeing new content is a big interest for me. Ima whore for lore.

Section 2: Your Main Character:

Main character name and link to your Warcraft armory information:

Class: Paladin
Professions: 375 Mining/JC\
Level: 70

Please list your current spec and explain why it is your preference:
As of posting this, Armory hasnt been updated since Oct 16/08, so it may not yet reflect the change.
56/0/5 - Been playing Holy since I hit 60 in vanilla WoW, havent seen a need to change.

Are you willing to respec to certain trees (Healers and Tanks mainly) for the good of the guild progress for end game content?
If heals arent your thing, yeah I can respec at request.

*AoA has a minimum level requirement of 60 for any main character. Helping individuals level and get initial gear is encouraged but not required in this guild.

Section 3: Your Alts**:

What alts do you regularly play (name/ class/ level)?
Mimiru 44 Rogue // Levvy 16 Hunter

Please also provide an armory link to any level 70 alts:

** AoA is an alt friendly guild that admits people, not just their cartoon counterparts.

Part 4: Raids and Upper Level Instances:

What experience do you have in endgame (please list both pre-bc and current content)?
MC - Complete
BWL - Complete
AQ40 - Prophet Skeram
Kara - Moroes

Please list all heroic keys you currently hold: If there is a key for the Isle, then i'm missing one.

We currently have minimum raiding stats that people have to meet before they are able to raid with us in both Kara and 25 mans. Do you currently meet the minimum raiding stats and if not do you understand that you will have to work on meeting them to raid?( You have to register for the forum to see the topic)
- Up until patch 3.0.1, I met requirements minus the MP5/casting.

Can you attend our scheduled Guild Events (Typically scheduled on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 5pm server time)?
- If i'm needed, I can attend Thurs/Sundays. I current work on Wednesdays, and when winter semester rolls around, my schedule may change.

The following add-ons are required for Kara and 25 man instances, please indicate that you are willing to download and use current versions of:
- I'll have them prepared for when I raid.

Part 5: Additional Information:

How did you hear about us? Who referred you to this site? (inlcude in this answer any AoA members that might know and recommend you)
- When passing through the seedy part of town, a "Lady of the Night" stepped up to me and whispered in my ear, "Jedem", I was in a state of shock, knowing the name for the newpapers as the "Pantless Boy Wonder", upon further research of the being, I was directed to a person named "Tweeb", a rather odd one, smelt strongly of "niceness". He told me to place a card at the doorstep of a building labelled "AoA" in the arch above the entryway. I fell asleep immediately that night, dreamed off a man, I did not know, and spoke a language I could not know, but I understood that he was trying to tell me what I would not listen. The next night, I arrived at appointed spot, and did the deed that was required. I sighed, my first step into the greater darkness, but one craven for knowledge, knows no bounds. I began to stand, when I heard rapid shuffling behind me, I glanced over to see several individuals, all wearing butcher's smocks, and name tags with names that liken to, "Yellowmellow", "Quakerlock", "Keensword", "Dniel", "Kiame", "Aiathyr" and "Rowann". I paused for a second, which was the wrong thing to do. They all smile in unision, and began to guide me into a world of hurt. I immediately black out. Now here I am, standing before you in this dark, dank room shrouded in shadows, fended off by a single candle, telling you my tale, and now I ask, "What have you?"

Please list all previous guilds you have have been in and your reason for leaving:
Ronin -- Became Embers Rising
Embers Rising -- Didnt approve of management styles, left along with several others
Nephilim -- Computer crash concided with car crash -- Had money to repair one or the other.
Priory -- Left to have more time to help with wedding prep work
(new) Nephilim -- Left for school, new place had no internet, until now.

Cheesepie or cheesecake?(Very important question that you must answer!)
A cheesecake once saved my life so I may be a little bias.

If accepted do you promise to sweep the leg?
As long as this is just a sexual euphamism.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
As many as it takes! *shakes fist defiantly*

Any other personal information you think might be helpful:
There's a devious looking pumpkin outside my window, and I think it wishes me ill will.
My rhymes and records, they dont get played;
Because my records and rhymes, they dont get made;
And if you rap like me, you dont get paid;
And if you roll with me, you dont get laid;
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Re: Wayward Paladin

Postby Jedem » Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:10 pm

You're weird...whisper me ingame ;-)
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Re: Wayward Paladin

Postby Yellowmellow » Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:13 am

i think all this time away from WoW has gotten to yair's mind, he speeks of such nonsense

and no, im not proud to be "creepy person in the dark #1"
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