Derphuntar (Kemanorel) Application

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Derphuntar (Kemanorel) Application

Postby Derphuntar » Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:42 pm

Section 1:
1.1: Sean, 33, Southern California
1.2: Yes, I have read About Us.
1.3: I agree to comply with the rules of the guild
1.4: Played World of Warcraft starting 11/30/09, in that time have been a raid leader, theorycrafter, raid healer, alt raid main tank, troll and guide creator. Also had an addon on Curse for a bit.
1.5: @Derphuntar

Section 2:
Plan to use 100 boost to make main on Ursin, but for now here's a link to my current main: [url][/url]
Will be boosting to 100:
Gnome Hunter
Spec pre-7.0: mainspec MM offspec BM
Spec post-7.0: mainspec MM offspec SV

I currently raid with my hunter as lone wolf marksmanship, since it does the most effective damage in raids, with most of its damage done on high health and low health targets, primarily single target but with moderate AoE via Barrage.

Section 3:
3.1: Regularly play my blood DK and mistweaver monk, used to play a disc/holy priest.
Link to both: [url][/url] [url][/url]
Currently leveling a gnome DK on Ursin, thinking about also leveling up another monk once DK is done as well.

Section 4:
4.1: began raiding in Icecrown Citadel, since then have regularly designed strategies, been active in theorycrafting discussions, briefly was a raid leader for my guild's B group. Last actively hardcore raided during Dragon Soul, where I cleared 25H 8/8 on my hunter each week, and later cleared 10H 8/8 on my DK during our alt run night.
4.2: item level matters, which is why I intend to start grinding honor gear on my boosted hunter to quickly catch up to a level I can start doing raid content that can drop gear relevant to current content tier.
4.3: I can usually attend both Wed and Sun times, but sometimes may need to leave early depending on situation IRL.
4.4: Sure, I can keep DBM updated. If I do heal, I will be using custom macros on my raidframes to achieve the same effect as a healing addon. I never quite found one I enjoyed and would work as well, though.

Section 5:
5.1: I don't feel it helpful to list my entire guild history, but I will list my reasons for leaving them: Incompatible personality with officer, guild disbanding, guild broke up, lack of possible raid spot, transferring to new server, accepted to another guild's raid, left to join guild with friends, failed trial raider period, /gquit.
5.2: Potato.
5.3: I may or may not talent into Leg Sweep on my Monk.
5.4: Mr. Owl says it takes 3 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but I think his trustworthiness is fowl.
5.5: Anub'arak.
5.6: 42?
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Re: Derphuntar (Kemanorel) Application

Postby Jedem » Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:06 pm

I'll invite next time I'm on! =D
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